Very Important StormPay Information

If you currently use StormPay as a payment processor
for any of your online activities, this is a VERY
important update. Please read and take appropriate
action right now.

On March 23, 2006 StormPay issued a notice that
effective immediately they will NO LONGER accept
website sales other than those that run through their
online auction program.

If you haven’t done so already, please login to your
StormPay account and read their notice at the bottom of
the member’s page.

If you use your StormPay account to sell anything from
either your own site or other third party websites -
such as Direct Deposit Profits, The TrafficJam Formula
or Profit Arena - you’ll need to remove all StormPay
payment links immediately.

Furthermore, if you have any automatic subscription
payments set up through StormPay to pay, for example,
Traffic Exchange upgrades, please be advised StormPay
has cancelled all of these subscriptions. You’ll need
to make alternate payment arrangements with these

What a mess, but as in any business - online or offline
- companies go under, change the nature of their
business, etc. That’s life.

Just remember - build your online business with a solid
foundation - a company built on principles of honesty,
fairness and with regard of others – and you will
succeed, ready and able to withstand any storm!

Be the best!

Darrell Dean

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