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Do I Need A Web Site?

   - by Darrell Dean

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By owning an online business of some type for almost five
years now, I seem to get this question every year
around this time:

"Darrell, is it really necessary to set up my own web

And I reply:

"If you wanted to set up a bakery shop, would you open
up your business in a rented store space that did not
display your name or business name on the sign out

Of course not! 

Imagine - how would people know a bakery shop existed
in that store, and how would they know it existed as
YOUR shop? 

Next question to follow...

"But Darrell, I just want to work as an affiliate
marketer - I don't market my own product or service."

"Fine, in your bakery shop you only sell top-quality
baked goods you get delivered to your store for you to
sell to your customers.  But you still need your name
out front!  Otherwise, people will just walk on by
every day without knowing you exist."

In my opinion, the question whether or not to set up
your own web site suggests a much deeper issue.  You
see, it stems back to a person's attitude and

I mean, if you need to ask that question - do I need a
web site - do you really own a business?  Or do you
just play pretend  with a hobby every Saturday
afternoon and Sunday evening?

I get kinda steamed about this issue because on the Web
these days (probably) millions of "play pretend" people
suck up precious resources from those of us who work at
making an honest living on the Web.

I mean, come on!  Please do not become fooled by the
so-called experts out there saying you do not need your
own web site.

So attitude represents a problem - not taking your
venture seriously enough and treating it as a business.
And perception...

...well, I betcha you've heard this one before - I want
to own an Internet business but I don't want to spend
any money or work on it any more that five hours per

"Holy $*&^$%", I reply, "you've got to be kidding me!"

If there remains one misconception I'd like to smash
into tiny little bits, it's this one.  Please wake up
and smell the coffee - setting up your own web business
WILL take money, and WILL take time for it to become

Don't get caught up in the frenzy - can you say herd
mentality - and believe it's possible to earn $10,000
in your first week.  Where did common sense go?  But
the questions keep coming...

"But, Darrell, owning my own web site software, or
hiring someone to set up my site for me, can become

Well, what may appear expensive to one person may
appear cheap to another person, so the money part is
relative to your own situation.  But what I can tell
you is with a little research - oh, oh, I can just hear
the moans, work required ahead - you can find solutions
ranging from free to about $5,000.

[As an aside - one of the reasons (I hope) you
subscribe to this ezine and email bulletins is because
you receive recommendations from me of top-quality
products and services you may need to build your own
successful online venture.  That's why I created your
very own members-only resource library.  No need to
wait to receive a recommendation from me in an email,
simply visit the library and check out what I
recommend.  Yea, no more work!]

Here's what Graham Hamer said in a recent interview
with Ewen Chia:

"The ability to build your own web pages rates high on
my list of indispensable assets.  I have a programmer
to write all sorts of complicated scripts for me, but
the actual web pages are all written by me in simple
text format.

No, you don't need to learn basic HTML to build a web
page...But if you are relying on others to construct
(then update) your web pages, your business has slipped
out of your control because you will be forever at
their mercy.

So get to grips with it. I promise you, it's nowhere
near as tough as you might think."

And here's what Tim Whiston said in his "Net Marketing
" ezine, Issue #4, dated January 10th, 2006:

"Here's the deal:

If you're not willing to accept the fact that you must
have your very own website (NOT JUST AN AFFILIATE
URL!!!), you are going to lose every dollar you put into
this business!

Guru So-and-So didn't tell you this? He said you can make
money without a site of your own? Well guess what? The
son-of-a-bitch is lying to you."

To set up your very own web site I recommend taking Jim
Edward's "Mini Site Creator" course.  I personally use
this resource all the time, constantly referring back
to the lessons whenever I need to create a new splash
page for traffic exchange advertising or to adjust an
existing web page.  It includes all the required
software you'll ever need.  And you do not need to know
any HTML programming.

You can check out the course details by going here:

=> http://www.eBuilder-Solutions.com/trk.php?c=1150&u=article

As always - Be The Best!

Darrell Dean

Darrell Dean is a successful entrepreneur who specializes
in "Burying The Bull and Telling The Truth" about Internet
Marketing through his highly acclaimed "eBuilder Solutions"
Bulletins.  His "success overcoat" stems directly from his
steadfast belief in "Be-Have-Do."

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